Tuesday, 24 December 2013


We have a couple of good news updates to share with everyone on the scheduling front:

1. Salsa - We are happy to report that Christina Morrison of Salsa Caliente has agreed to teach a series of intensive workshops for us over the course of the semester. We are working on details, including dates, but they will likely be on Sundays. Christina is a world-class salsa performer and one of the top salsa dancers in Canada. As a result of this development the weekly Salsa class has been cancelled, to be replaced by these workshops!

2. Ballroom - Many people have expressed interest in taking Ballroom but some have balked at the 11 AM start time. With the good news about Salsa opening up the 2 PM slot we have decided to squeeze Ballroom into a single class at 2 PM. Rather than two classes early in the day we will have one in the afternoon, and will alternate in monthly blocks between rhythm and smooth syllabus dances. Bronze Cha-Cha will start in January, and Bronze Waltz is tentatively scheduled to begin in March.  We hope this will allow more people to take the class over the long-run.

3. Intensive Workshops - With the mornings now free we will be adding periodic intensive workshops that will likely consist of a total of 5 hours split into a pair of 2.5 hour workshops over back-to-back Sunday mornings. These workshops will be announced as they are scheduled, and will be included in membership fees (no extra cost)!

Saturday, 23 November 2013


To kick-off the first semester of Carpe Noctem classes we will be offering the most amazing holiday sale on our already ridiculously low membership prices:

FIRST MONTH FREE ($50 value)
if you pre-pay for the Winter semester (January-April) before December 15th!

This terrific deal is valid for all memberships, including post-secondary student memberships, and includes all the great features that set Carpe Noctem apart:
    • unlimited class registration!
    • our Ethical Promise!
    • our first day Money-back Guarantee!
    • free access to practice and social dances!
      Also, while supplies last all new members will receive a free shoe bag. Ideal for carrying your shoes and water bottle, it also has a large zipped side pocket for tossing in all those random things you need to take dancing (keys, cell phone, pocket change) but don't want getting in your way on the dance floor.

      What a great holiday present for friends and relatives, or for that special someone! 

      4 Month Semester Memberships

      General Membership: $200 $150
      Post-Secondary Memberships: $100 $75

      Payment is by etransfer and if requested we are happy to include a customized gift certificate for the stocking of the lucky recipient.  :)  For more information please email us at:


      Tuesday, 19 November 2013


      At long last here is the inaugural January 2014 Sunday lineup of classes, starting January 12th!

      1:00 Beginner Argentine Tango 
      2:00 Beginner Ballroom (Cha Cha) 
      3:00 Beginner West Coast Swing
      5:00 Beginner East Coast Swing
      6:00 Intermediate East Coast Swing
      7:00 Intermediate Argentine Tango

      See the Membership tab for information about how to join. See the Classes tab for more detailed information about registration and class structure. For the moment all classes will be held at the Martin Batchelor Gallery, see Venues for details.

      This is Carpe Noctem. 
      Come Play! 

      Tuesday, 29 October 2013


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      Yes, the Carpe Noctem website is now live! Expect more modifications and updates, and not everything is locked in stone just yet, but we are finally ready to roll.  Get ready to SEIZE THE NIGHT!