Tuesday, 24 December 2013


We have a couple of good news updates to share with everyone on the scheduling front:

1. Salsa - We are happy to report that Christina Morrison of Salsa Caliente has agreed to teach a series of intensive workshops for us over the course of the semester. We are working on details, including dates, but they will likely be on Sundays. Christina is a world-class salsa performer and one of the top salsa dancers in Canada. As a result of this development the weekly Salsa class has been cancelled, to be replaced by these workshops!

2. Ballroom - Many people have expressed interest in taking Ballroom but some have balked at the 11 AM start time. With the good news about Salsa opening up the 2 PM slot we have decided to squeeze Ballroom into a single class at 2 PM. Rather than two classes early in the day we will have one in the afternoon, and will alternate in monthly blocks between rhythm and smooth syllabus dances. Bronze Cha-Cha will start in January, and Bronze Waltz is tentatively scheduled to begin in March.  We hope this will allow more people to take the class over the long-run.

3. Intensive Workshops - With the mornings now free we will be adding periodic intensive workshops that will likely consist of a total of 5 hours split into a pair of 2.5 hour workshops over back-to-back Sunday mornings. These workshops will be announced as they are scheduled, and will be included in membership fees (no extra cost)!