The Fall term begins September 14th. The summary timetable, topics for bootcamps and theme modules for Fall 2014 classes is now up HERE


At Carpe Noctem we now offer four class formats that can suit every lifestyle and temperament.

Stand alone, flexible, no commitment, these one-hour classes focus on the raw fundamentals for absolute beginners. Cost is free with membership or you can pay a drop-in fee of $10/hour ($5 for full-time students). Drop-in beginner classes are perfect for those testing the waters of dance, or for bringing along friends to try it out. The material is geared towards complete beginners so is highly repetitive from week-to-week. Come several times until you master the fundamentals, then you will be ready to join in with "Beyond Beginners" or "Intermediate" level bootcamps and theme modules.

These are one-hour weekly group classes scheduled for a particular time block and calendar month. They are progressive, modular, and range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Each module is scheduled for a particular calendar month, which means that some modules will go for longer than others, depending on how many weeks happen to fall within that month, or if there happens to be a class cancellation due to a statutory holiday. The specific topics for each month will be announced just prior to the start of each calendar month, but will conform to the Summary Timetable as posted on the Schedule tab.  Theme modules are usually the best bang-for-your-buck, but require a weekly commitment. Registration for each new monthly module is required by email in advance, drop-ins are not allowed unless you have previously taken that module (and even then your spot is not guaranteed if the class fills.) Cost is free with a membership, or you may pay a $12/hour registration fee for a particular module.

These are intensive, stand alone, modular group classes that require minimal commitment. Bootcamps are taught in 2.5 hour blocks, and can be for a single block, or more commonly will consist of two parts over back-to-back weeks for a total of 5 instruction hours. For this reason they are more flexible for those with scheduling challenges, and are ideal as de-rusting refreshers or for keeners rearing to go! Topics consist of a wide variety across all experience levels and types of partner dances. Registration for bootcamps is required by email in advance, drop-ins are not allowed. Cost is free with a membership, or you may pay $30/block with advance registration.

For those who are more serious about making progress the private lesson packages we offer are the most flexible. They can be tailored to suit any schedule, temperament or skill level.
• Progress at your own speed. Fast or slow, it's up to you.
• Unlimited scheduling flexibility for those who have irregular schedules.
• Make your mistakes in private so you can show off in public.
Private lessons are NOT included with the regular Carpe Noctem membership. Cost is $50/hour or $200/5-hour punch card. Please see the Privates tab for more information.


To register for Theme Modules or Bootcamps you must either be a member or pay an à la carte registration fee of $12/hour for the entire Theme Module or Bootcamp. All Theme Modules and Bootcamps require advance registration. Registration opens as soon as the schedule is announced on this website and through the blog.

1. To register as a member you will need to first buy a membership. Then you can register for as many of the Theme Modules or Bootcamps as you like. As a member you can also take the drop-in beginner classes for free, but they do not require advance registration (that's what "drop-in" means.)
2.  Members can register for a particular class by sending an email to and include the following information:
•  Member's Name.
•  Each Theme Module or Bootcamp you want to register for.
That's it. Easy-peasy! :)

Non-members may register à la carte for specific Theme Modules or Bootcamps. Please follow this process exactly:

1. At least 24 hours prior to the class in question please email and include the following information for each individual who wishes to register:
•  Name.
•  Phone number.
•  Email address.
•  Each Theme Module or Bootcamp the individual wishes to take.
2. Watch for the return confirmation email that includes the total à la carte registration fee.
3. Send an etransfer to for the total amount of the registration fees. Also send a separate email to the same email address with the answer to the security question.
4. Await confirmation that the registration fees has been received and registration is complete.
5. Show up to class at the designated time and place!


Theme Modules and Bootcamps will be scheduled for every week that does not have a statutory holiday on the same weekend. On bona fide long-weekends (ie. not Remembrance Day) all Theme Module classes are cancelled. Instead we will usually schedule special bootcamps or workshops.


The #1 question we hear is "do I need a partner?"

Our answer: NO, never! 

The group class structure is designed to optimize learning and fun for everyone, while insuring those who came solo have partners and those who came as couples get their quality-time together. The key to successful group classes is to switch partners frequently. Here's why:

Dance is a language, and for it to work we have to all be speaking the same language. If you learn with just one partner your lead and follow skills will be so riddled with idiosyncrasies that you will not be able to dance with anyone else, the dance version of "twin-speak." Switching partners is critical to avoid dance twin-speak because it gets you comfortable with many different partners and breaks your reliance on idiosyncrasies.  If we don't switch partners we are not learning to social dance, we are learning a static choreography that has no value outside the narrow context where it was learned.

Partner switching in class does three important things:
  1. It breaks the development of twin-speak and helps you learn faster by exposing you to the strengths and weaknesses of different partners.
  2. It allows solo students to register without fear of being the dreaded "wallflower."
  3. It creates a fantastically fun and social vibe, which is at the core of what Carpe Noctem is about.
Typically a class consists of teaching time by the instructor, followed by getting into partners to practice for a short time, then several partner switches for more practice with someone new. Sometimes I am asked by couples wanting to spend quality-time together if they must switch during class. The answer is always no, you never have to switch partners. However there is a price to pay: you will learn more slowly and be less able to dance with others in a social setting. For those who are there primarily for quality-time I recommend a compromise: switch partners, but return to your primary partner every second switch. That gives the best of both worlds, breaking twin-speak and giving you lots of quality-time together. You will also meet your class-mates.

Regardless if you are a single dancer worried about being a wallflower, or if you are taking classes as a couple on date-night, switching partners is the core element that keeps us all speaking the same language and creates the fun energy of a social dance vibe!