Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Learn the basics of East Coast Swing with 5 hours of instruction in two successive Sunday morning intensive workshops on February 2nd and 9th! Then have the option to continue learning in the 5 PM weekly Sunday beginner class that runs until the end of April. Or, if you are REALLY keen you can take an additional 5-hour level 2 workshop on February 9th and go from zero to intermediate in slightly over one week! From there you can get into the 6 PM Sunday intermediate class. Wow!

With Carpe Noctem bootcamps you will be well on your way to mastering East Coast Swing, one of the most joyful and fun partner dances ever invented.

To take any of our classes, including bootcamps, you need to be a member of Carpe Noctem's unique monthly format. For a flat fee of $50/month you can take as many of our classes and workshops that you have the prerequisites for. This is an amazing deal!

We guarantee you will have a blast! Please come join us, and drag along a friend or 3, they will definitely thank you!   :)

Full details including schedule and registration instructions are here.