Monday, 22 September 2014

*FREE* Introductory Private Lesson!

For those wishing to try any of the partner dances that we teach, Carpe Noctem is now offering the first private lesson for FREE. This offer is good for each dance, so you can try them all and decide on your favorite.

Currently we offer private or private-group lessons in the following social partner dances:

• Argentine Tango
• East Coast Swing

We are currently taking bookings for Sundays at the Martin Batchelor Gallery, as well as a limited selection of times on other days of the week if Sundays do not work for your schedule. Private lessons can be booked by an individual follower, or can be shared by up to 4 individuals comprising a maximum of two partnered couples. Individual leaders can also book private lessons, but will require a partner to assist as follower. Groups of 5 or more who want to take lessons together must book private-group lessons.

To book your lesson please click on the 'Contact' button or email to carpenoctemdance {at}

• Base cost is $50/hour (includes studio and instructor time)
• Students trying our lessons for the first time can book a free introductory private lesson, after which they are eligible for a one-month (4 hour) introductory package for $100.
• Continuing students are eligible to buy discounted 5-hour packages for $200 ($40/hour) or book from class to class at the $50/hour rate.